It has been read, it has been said, ideas are like fireflies buzzing round in your head. Some ideas twinkle and some might be duds, but the ones that stand out are called LumiBug bugs.

How We Do

What We Do

How we do what we do is a secret unkept. Featured below are our eight magic steps.


Every story begins with an idea. Lumibug will help create a concept for your video. Something that’s totally unique to you.


We’ll then transform your idea into thoughts and words that connect your message to your audience.


Let’s add some color now! We’ll illustrate what your video is going to look like through vivid images.


Before we begin shooting, we’ll figure out all the details – like location, props and wardrobe.


Then it’s lights, camera, action! Here, all the pieces come together; and your story is brought to life.


On to editing. With a few snips and a clip, we’ll trim your video so that your story flows smoothly.


To ensure that your video exceeds your expectations, we’ll have you sign off on the final cut.


From here, your completed video will be delivered to you. All that’s left for you to do, is sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!

We’ll help you showcase your passion with pride through video productions that we can provide. We’ll polish your brand; your special story. So what stands out is you in all of your glory.

About Us

Who We Are

LumiBug is a video production company with locations in West Palm Beach, FL and Nashville, TN. So, we are always on the lookout for flappier flip flops and bigger belt buckles. As a video production company, we have the greatest job ever. We get to help people capture their passion on video, and then spoon feed it to their starving fans. Isn’t that wicked awesome? We totally love helping people show off their coolness! It’s our Care Bear stare. Well, that and Starbuck’s coffee.

Yep, LumiBug is a “small” video production company; as in there are only two of us. In real estate terms, we would be listed as “cozy”. If we were a Halloween candy, we would be “fun” sized. However, don’t let that fool you. Like Power Rangers, we unify our strengths, and transform into this beastly massive, well-oiled video production machine. Oh yeah! We’re bent on one thing – sheer awesomeness!

Oh, do you need media monkeys to manage your multimedia marketing? Because we’ve got barrels-full back in our video vault, and they can’t wait to hear from you. They are literally going bananas! [Did you see what we did there?]


They’ll come from all places, from here and from there. Cuz they’ve seen your new video, and love your new flare! Your new fans will see what sets you apart – Quality, professional, creative, and smart!

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We do what we love; we love what we do! Do you think what we do can add value to you?

We work with all kinds of kinds; from makers of signs to fighters of crime; lawyers, landscapers, and the coolest nail painters; hairstylists, chemists, dentists, and artists; florists, guitarists, and the smartest of smartests. From rockers to doctors to bakers of cakes, we work with companies of all sizes and shapes.

No client to giant. No client to small. Just pick up the phone, and give us a call.

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